Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Pipe Dream

People...people come and go. Some will turn to be best friends, some life long, prized connections and others will just be another face, name to add to the long list of acquaintances. However, it is those who pass by that can have a lasting impression. Those, who make the small remarks that have the biggest impact. Then, they leave and leave a changed person longing for their illusive return.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barbie's Unforeseen Fate

Long, wavy, white blonde hair, sun-kissed skin, to die for body and the many gowns and outfits in all colours possible, these were my Barbie’s acquired traits. All that was missing was her significant other! It made perfect sense, for my precious Barbie to have her tall, dark and handsome Ken. I told mother of this ever persisting deficit.

However, Ken never came and strangely enough I was very relieved for my Barbie! Somehow, the theory of him coming, sweeping her off her feet and taking her away from me precipitated?! Whether this was the creation of my mother’s slick and witty escape or the intricate imagination of two little girls reconciling themselves and their Barbie, I have not yet come to the conclusion.

Either way, this theory has survived and grew with me through all those years, lying dormant, deep at the back of my mind. Until recently, with the news of my childhood friend marrying, and my cousin’s fast entry (to me) into wedlock and baby producing stage have brought back the anxiety I went through with my Barbie. The thought that they will no longer be mine, and mine alone, played on my mind.

Yet, they made the transition into marriage world in one piece and I pulled through unharmed in any shape or form; and so there were happy endings to scary beginnings.

Except for Barbie, who now resides in a dark, crowded box, up in the cold, dusty attic. So much for our protectiveness!

Friday, October 10, 2008


You are a constant reminder of the burden I carry, the guilt I feel, the unspoken promises. How can I escape?
The need to run and run far and fast is itching inside of me. Slowly, I'm being enclosed on and in, surrounded by this deafeningly approaching ponderosity! The happiness is sucked out of me on the mention of You. How can this be when You are supposed to be the ray of light that brightens up my life?
Love...they say