Monday, May 25, 2009

A Weekend of The Parents

I was given the grand tour of the garden by the proud gardener and implementer of the great ideas that the Mother generates. As we passed the Magnolia, we reached their pride and joy, the vegetable patch. Dad took the chance to inspect his baby turnips closer and all of a sudden he exclaimed “that dog* has eaten the turnips!!” with such vehemence. I had to stifle my laughter and humoured him along “who did?”, “the slug” he said, in such a matter of fact.

And that is why I miss home, who knew slugs were dogs?

*dog= an insult, to the effect of calling someone a cow!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Third Year Cabin Fever

Is it the number 21? Is it the many graduations of close friends? Or is it the body’s clock ticking more urgently?

Overnight, a button was switched on, a light was turned on, a brain impulse was sent to look for the significant other! Even though we have two whole years ahead of us, those medics are incestuously dating as if they’re going to miss the train. What happened to the motto “work hard and play harder”? When did it turn to “work hard and settle faster”?

It seems the worst is yet to come, with all of us being stuck together for the 3 month summer holiday everyone else will be enjoying! Oh, joy!