Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's a love-hate relationship!


Touta said...

hahaha, congratulations on the new turn :D though personally i prefer roundabouts- you can go round and round a few times before taking one of life's turns. :)

and surely all relationships are love-hate? :)

Dreamer said...

haha, im liking the roundabout idea. altho i believe that is what ive been doing all my life. its fun. i do recommend it, lol!

you're right, they are.

Touta said...

well if you do recommend it, then that's the route i'll take.
although it is more to do with my indecisiveness. :D

how's being a general dreamer working out? :)

Dreamer said...

you have your whole life ahead of you to make decisions. no need to rush!

not too bad i must say. once i figure out a healthy balance between my two worlds then all shall be well :) what are you up to these days?