Monday, April 06, 2009

A State Of Mind

I want it all.

I want to write and draw
I want to run and dance
I want to lose it all and have it all
I want to know everything and nothing
I want to impress the seniors and go unnoticed
I want to do it all

I want the sun to show me the way
I wan the wind to blow me away
I want my heart to skip a beat
I want my head to loosen its keep

I want to be free
I want to be me
I want to be whole
I want to be with him and all

I want him all
I want him whole
I want him to be mine
I want him to be supine ;) (For rhyming's sake!)


JG said...

I want him to be supine ;) (For rhyming's sake!)

lol! I like your words.

As a matter of curiousity, what country are your posting from?

Dreamer said...

:) Thank you!

your neighbours, England.

JG said...

Ah, ok!

zmanutdz said...

supine? ham 6al3a 3einich :P