Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Arresting Cardiac Arrest

The deafening sirens jolt everyone out of their little private worlds of escape, back to reality. Sadly, they are never in sync with the jolt that sets off the sirens alive.
Feet scramble and run to the source. The ward, all of a sudden, turns tense and chaotic reflecting my state of mind.

Passing by bewildered and baffled eyes, I arrive at the scene. A lifeless, yellow being is flattened back, his body not his own anymore. His heart and lungs belong to strangers, with nurse’s and doctor’s titles. Machines, tubes and fluids are all there to be used and work their magic. I catch a glimpse of the pool of deep, dark blood that escaped his body and it swallows me in and leaves me dazed.

As the frenzy heightens and anticipation strengthens, a demand paralyzes us all, resonating louder than the oddly insignificant sirens. Stop! Time of death…

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Automated External Defibrillators Pads said...

Nice description of a Cardiac Arrest Scene. It really is very painful for both - Patient and Doctors / Nurses. Isn't it?