Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snippets From A Time Of Simplicity

First time I ventured out of the Arab world, I was captivated by the many gems everywhere. I went back to Baghdad after a trip of a lifetime at that time and age, fuelled with stories and realizations.

The soap dispenser was one of the many topics I would repeatedly tell to whoever that was interested enough to listen to a 10 year old child. I thought it was an ingenious creation, neat, clean and convenient. I marvelled at how the liquefied soap would ooze out, the pink coloured variety was my favourite.

Then, there was the vending machine. I would daydream of the possibilities if I had one for myself. The endless supply of chocolates, the prospect of business from friends and family paying into that big machine!!

At that time too, my environmentally friendly attitude blossomed and grew when pedalling on a lake in one of the many Centre Parcs across Europe. Coming from a city with no regard to public space cleanliness, or personal responsibility towards keeping our town spotless, I thought it was perfectly acceptable to leave my banana skin on the pedalo until I was told otherwise!!

Lastly, an image, that would never leave my memory, intrigued my innocent mind for years before an explanation materialized. In the Jacuzzi, busy holding onto the sides in case I’d float away with the warm bubbles, a couple in the opposite corner came into focus. I was taken by their closeness, intense eye contact and playful smiles. I was so drawn into their world that I did not realize I was staring inappropriately. They must’ve felt an intruder’s underage gaze disrupting their moment, for they toned it down…

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