Friday, February 26, 2010

24 Hours In A Day

A bright haze of light seeped slowly into my cliff hanger dream and woke me up unwillingly at an ungodly hour on Sunday morning. Looking down on the mess of the duvet, brown throw and the deep blue sleeping bag I found those big green eyes blinking back at me. And so we were up!

With limited ticks until I watch her leave me standing on the platform, a plan of action was laid down. On we walked up the hilly road, starved and stomachs churning at the thought of those hot freshly made pancakes. Enveloped by the flurry of sizzling eggs, sausages and various oil rich based breakfast grub, we spend a good two hours waking up to the buzz of the day.

Picking up the last few belongings of hers, we traditionally parted on a music update sesh…

Young, green spinach leaves, more mixed green leaves, piping red tomatoes, black olives and a cheeky hint of sundried tomatoes composed my contribution to the previously agreed upon house meal. The kitchen burst into life, heat and warmth invaded our stone cold rooms. Impatience sets in as the smell but don’t touch precept was driving me to the edge. A pitiful attempt at napping in preparation for the dreaded 12 hour night shift failed and I found myself once again seduced by those tantalizing aromas and hovering I did before I was spared the torture.

Tearing myself away from “enchanted”, heavily, I dragged myself with all those chocolate brownies and the fat that’s circulating around my body to the ever reliable blue car.

Away we cruised down the non-rush hour roads into the bubble of labour ward. Lead by the fearsome midwives, who somewhat disliked the medics, the ward was kept under tight control. Not a sound is heard outside the individual rooms.

I was assigned my first couple of the week; 8 hours of bonding over their special circumstance brought us closer together. It started with an awkward invasion of their personal happening, later discovering and uniting over the similarities in our different colours, accents and history of torn homelands and ending with a beautiful baby Matthias.

Suddenly plagued by fatigue, costa coffees leather sofas did not escape the crash of my sleep deprived body. Holding onto my clearly signed costa coffee paper cup, I became a spectacle for the waiter, the early bird patients and staff.

Stepping back into familiarity, I came full circle and ended my first 24 hour day…

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